Cargo Control Kits: Must-Have Tools for Every Truck and Trailer

The safe and secure transport of cargo is a top priority for truckers and haulers. Ensuring that your load stays in place during transit not only protects the cargo but also enhances road safety. Cargo control kits have become essential for every truck and trailer, providing a comprehensive set of tools designed to secure various types of loads. In this article, we will explore the must-have tools included in cargo control kits and their importance in maintaining safe and efficient cargo transport.

  • ratchet straps

    Ratchet straps are fundamental components of cargo control kits. These straps consist of a length of webbing and a ratcheting mechanism that allows for precise tensioning. Ratchet straps are versatile and can be used to secure a wide range of cargo, from lightweight items to heavy machinery. The ratcheting mechanism ensures a tight and secure fit, preventing any movement during transit.

Bungee Cords

Bungee cords are elastic straps with hooks on each end, providing a quick and flexible solution for securing cargo. They are ideal for securing lighter loads or items that may shift during transit. Bungee cords are quick to attach and detach, making them convenient for various applications, such as securing tarps or organizing smaller items within a trailer.

  • corner protectors

    Corner protectors are crucial for preventing damage to both the cargo and the straps. These protective devices are placed at the corners of the cargo to distribute the pressure from the straps evenly. They help prevent wear and tear on the straps and safeguard the cargo against potential damage caused by sharp edges.
  • d-rings and e-track systems

    D-rings and E-track systems provide versatile anchor points for securing cargo. D-rings are typically mounted directly onto the trailer, while E-track systems consist of horizontal and vertical tracks that accommodate various attachments. These systems offer flexibility in securing different types of loads, allowing for efficient and customized cargo control.
  •  Winches and Winch Straps

    Winches, often powered by a ratcheting mechanism, are used to tighten and secure straps. Winch straps are heavy-duty straps specifically designed for use with winches. Together, they provide a powerful and adjustable solution for securing large and heavy loads. Winches are especially valuable for applications requiring precise tension control.
  • load binders

    Load binders, also known as chain binders, are tools used to tighten chains around cargo securely. They are commonly used for heavy loads that require a more robust securing method. Load binders come in different types, including lever binders and ratchet binders, each offering varying degrees of tensioning control.


Tarpaulins are essential for protecting cargo from the elements during transport. Cargo control kits often include tarps designed to fit different load sizes. Tarpaulins not only shield cargo from rain, snow, and sunlight but also contribute to overall load security by preventing loose items from being affected by wind.

Cargo control kits are indispensable for truckers and haulers, providing a comprehensive set of tools to ensure the safe and secure transport of cargo. From ratchet straps to corner protectors, each component plays a vital role in maintaining load stability and preventing damage. Investing in a well-equipped cargo control kit is not only a wise decision for the safety of your cargo but also a regulatory requirement to comply with transportation standards. By having these must-have tools on hand, truck and trailer operators can enhance cargo control, promote road safety, and streamline the logistics of every journey.


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