1-3/4" Swivel J Hook For 2" Ratchet

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1-3/4" Swivel J Hook For 2" Ratchet

SKU: WH52SB-2545

Size: 1-3/4" 

Breaking Strength: 8,000 lbs.

Working Load Limit: 2666 lbs.

RATCHET BUCKLE END FITTINGS:  Ratchet Buckle Swivel J Hook. Working Load Limit: 2666 LBS. Breaking Strength 8000 LBS. These Swivel J Hooks can hold up to 2666 LBS. Made with heavy-duty solid steel to ensure the quality of these ratchet buckles- STRONG & DURABLE. Easy to use, simply attach the hooks onto 2” Ratchet Buckles. Use these hooks to secure your boxes, cargo, shipment, golf car, car, motorcycle, ATV, UTV, Side-by-Side, and Snowmobile.

RELIABLE AND HEAVY DUTY: Swivel J Hooks make your job easier and give you peace of mind when you know your cargo, load is secured by these Heavy Duty Swivel J Hooks with the higher working load limit than lower grade hooks. These hooks are designed to eliminate the short-end webbing on the ratchets, to give you more space when operating the ratchet in a tight space. COMPLAINT AND SECURE: Fits with various applications. Working Load Limit of 1000 LBS. With the 3: 1 safety factor (Breaking Strength: Working Load Limit), which meets or exceeds DOT / CSVA specification. Tie 4 Safe- EXPERIENCED MANUFACTURER / SELLER in CALIFORNIA- Quality you can trust. Durable, Reliable & Heavy Duty- The perfect solution for your transportation needs.

HEAVY-DUTY TIE DOWN BUCKLE RATCHET HOOKS: These Heavy Duty: Swivel Hooks are so heavy-duty make they are easy to use on tow trucks, tow dollies, utility trailers, flatbed trailers, trucks, etc. It’s designed and applicable with various 2” Ratchet Buckles. QUALITY COMPONENT: Correct metal for the right component, all our raw materials have been tested with correct hardness and tensile strength. Followed by the professional-grade heat treatment process to make sure all the hardware meets its required strength. The coating process gives the product a nice finish with weather resistance.