1 Inch Ratchet Buckle Tent Strap With Snap Hook And O-Ring

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1 Inch Ratchet Buckle Tent Strap With Snap Hook And O-Ring


Length: 10 Feet

SKU: RT11-1510-M4W9-W-C


Length: 12 Feet

SKU: RT11-1512-M4W9-W-C


Length: 15 Feet

SKU: RT11-1510-M4W9-W-C



Length: 20 Feet

SKU: RT11-1520-M4W9-W-C


The 1-inch ratchet buckle tent strap with snap hook and O-ring offers a reliable and adjustable solution for securing your outdoor shelter, providing peace of mind during camping trips, outdoor events, or any other outdoor activities where a secure shelter is essential.

1-inch Ratchet Buckle: The ratchet buckle provides a secure and adjustable fastening mechanism. It allows you to tighten the strap to the desired tension, ensuring a firm hold on your tent or shelter. The ratcheting mechanism also makes it easy to release and adjust the tension as needed.

Snap Hook: The snap hook attachment provides a convenient way to anchor the strap to various anchor points or loops on your tent or shelter. It offers quick and easy attachment and removal, allowing for efficient setup and teardown of your outdoor equipment.

O-Ring: The O-ring serves as an additional attachment point for securing the strap or connecting it to other accessories or anchor points. It adds versatility to the strap, allowing for various configurations and securing options depending on your specific needs and setup.

Breaking Strength: 500 lbs.

Working Load Limit: 166 lbs.