1" Ratchet Buckle Tent Strap With Snap Hook And Double Bar D-Rings

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1" Ratchet Buckle Tent Strap With Snap Hook And Double Bar D-Rings


Length: 10 Feet

SKU: RT11-1510-M4F203-W-C


Length: 12 Feet

SKU: RT11-1512-M4F203-W-C


Length: 15 Feet

SKU: RT11-1515-M4F203-W-C


Length: 20 Feet

SKU: RT11-1520-M4F203-W-C


This component provides a versatile and secure way to fasten tents and shelters, allowing for easy adjustment and reliable anchoring in various outdoor conditions.

  • Ratchet Buckle: A ratchet buckle is a mechanical device used to tighten or loosen straps or belts. It typically consists of a handle or lever, a gear mechanism, and a pawl or toothed bar. When the handle is operated, it allows for precise adjustment of tension in the strap.
  • Webbing Strap: This is the sturdy, 100% polyester strap used to secure the tent or shelter to the ground or other anchor points. It's often adjustable to accommodate various sizes and shapes of tents.
  • Snap Flat Hook: This is attached to one end of the strap and is used for anchoring the strap to a fixed point, such as a stake or a loop on the tent. The snap hook allows for quick and easy attachment and detachment.
  • Double Bar D-Rings: These are attached to the other end of the strap and are used for adjusting the length of the strap and for connecting it to the ratchet buckle. The double bar design provides extra stability and prevents the strap from slipping out of place once tightened.
Breaking Strength of Components

Ratchet Buckle: 3,333 lbs.

Flat Snap Hook: 3000 lbs.

Bar D-Ring: 5000 lbs.

Webbing: 4000 lbs.

Working Load Limit: 833 lbs.