2" Flat Snap Hook With Spacers

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2" Flat Snap Hook With Spacers


Size: 2"

Breaking Strength: 5000 lbs.  

Working Load Limit: 1667 lbs.

  • RATCHET BUCKLE END FITTINGS: Ratchet Buckle Flat Hook with Spacers. Working Load Limit: 1000 LBS. Breaking Strength 3000 LBS. These Flat Hooks can hold up to 1000 LBS. Made with heavy-duty solid steel to ensure the quality of these ratchet buckles- STRONG & DURABLE. Easy to use, attach the hooks onto 2” Ratchet Buckles. Use these hooks to secure your boxes, cargo, shipment, golf car, car, motorcycle, ATV, UTV, Side-by-Side, and Snowmobile.
  • RELIABLE AND HEAVY DUTY: Flat Hooks make your job easier and give you peace of mind when you know your cargo, load is secured by these Heavy Duty Flat Hooks with a higher working load limit than lower-grade hooks. These hooks are designed to eliminate the short-end webbing on the ratchets, to give you more space when operating the ratchet in a tight space.
  • COMPLAINT AND SECURE: Fits with various applications. Working Load Limit of 1000 LBS. With the 3: 1 safety factor (Breaking Strength: Working Load Limit), which meets or exceeds DOT / CSVA specification. Tie 4 Safe- EXPERIENCED MANUFACTURER / SELLER in CALIFORNIA- Quality you can trust. Durable, Reliable & Heavy Duty- The perfect solution for your transportation needs
  • HEAVY-DUTY TIE DOWN BUCKLE RATCHET HOOKS: These Heavy Duty: Flat Hooks are so heavy-duty make they easy to use on tow trucks, tow dollies, utility trailers, flatbed trailers, trucks, etc. It’s designed and applicable with various 2” Ratchet Buckles. The states of the art is designed by professionals- the most reliable tool to simplify the toughest job.
  • QUALITY COMPONENT: Correct metal for the right component, all our raw materials have been tested with correct hardness and tensile strength. Followed by the professional-grade heat treatment process to make sure all the hardware meets its required strength. With 25+ years of experience as a leading manufacturer in the industry, we know you can purchase with confidence knowing that our products will make your job easier and safer with our high-quality products.


**Working Load Limit is 1/3 of Breaking Strength**