2-Inch Ratchet Buckle Double Leg Tent Strap With 2 Double Bar D-Rings And Double J Wire Hook

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2-Inch Ratchet Buckle Double Leg Tent Strap With 2 Double Bar D-rings And Double J Wire Hook

Length: 10 Feet

SKU: RT04CK-510-F203W5-W-C


Length: 12 Feet

SKU: RT04CK-512-F203W5-W-C


Length: 15 Feet

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Length: 20 Feet

SKU: RT04CK-520-F203W5-W-C

The 2-inch Ratchet Buckle Double Leg Tent Strap is a heavy-duty strapping system designed for securing tents, shelters, or other outdoor structures. Its heavy-duty construction and multiple attachment points make it ideal for use in challenging conditions where strong winds or other elements may pose a threat to the stability of the structure.

  • 2-Inch Ratchet Buckle: This buckle serves as the primary tensioning mechanism for the strap. It typically features a ratcheting mechanism that allows for precise tightening and securing of the strap around the tent or structure. The 2-inch width provides ample strength and durability for heavy-duty applications.
  • Double Leg Design: The strap features two separate legs, allowing for greater stability and security when fastening the tent. This design distributes the tension evenly across the structure, reducing the risk of damage or failure.
  • Double Bar D-Rings: These are sturdy metal rings with two parallel bars across their opening. They are attached to the ends of the strap and serve as anchor points for securing the strap to the tent or other fixtures. The double-bar design enhances stability and prevents the strap from slipping or loosening during use.
  • Double J Wire Hook: This is a specialized hook attachment that provides a secure connection between the strap and anchor points on the tent or structure. The "J" shape of the hook ensures a reliable grip, while the wire construction offers strength and durability.
Breaking Strength of Components

Ratchet Buckle: 10000 lbs.

Wire J Hook: 10000 lbs.

Bar D-Ring: 5000 lbs.

Webbing: 12000 lbs.

Working Load Limit: 3333 lbs.