2" Ratchet Buckle Tent Strap With Double Bar D-Ring And Twisted Snap Hook

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2" Ratchet Buckle Tent Strap With Double Bar D-Ring And Twisted Snap Hook

The 2" Ratchet Buckle Tent Strap with Double Bar D-Ring and Twisted Snap Hook is a versatile and reliable system for securing tents and temporary structures in various outdoor settings. Its sturdy construction and convenient fastening mechanisms make it essential equipment for camping, events, or construction projects requiring temporary shelter.

  • 2" Ratchet Buckle: This is the primary mechanism for tightening and securing the strap. It is a metal buckle with a ratcheting mechanism. The 2" measurement refers to the width of the strap that fits into the buckle. The ratchet buckle allows for easy adjustment and tightening of the strap to ensure a secure hold.
  • Webbing Strap: This is a durable polyester strap that is threaded through the ratchet buckle. It is chosen for its strength and weather resistance. The strap's width is 2 inches to match the ratchet buckle, providing stability and support for the tent or structure.
  • Double Bar D-Ring: The double bar D-ring is a type of fastener attached to one end of the strap. It's shaped like the letter "D" with two parallel bars running across the straight edge. This design allows for easy attachment of other components such as stakes, ropes, or additional straps. The D-ring provides a secure anchor point for the strap, enhancing stability.
  • Twisted Snap Hook: The twisted snap hook is another fastening component typically found at the opposite end of the strap from the D-ring. It's a metal hook with a spring-loaded closure mechanism, allowing for quick and secure attachment to anchor points or other structures. The twisted design helps prevent the hook from accidentally disengaging. It provides a reliable connection point for securing the tent or structure in place
Breaking Strength of Component:

Ratchet Buckle: 10000 lbs.

Wire J Hook: 10000 lbs.

Bar D-Ring: 5000 lbs.

Webbing: 12000 lbs.

Working Load Limit: 1666 lbs.