Clevis Grab Hooks G70

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Clevis Grab Hooks G70

SKU: FH406-12

Size:  1/2"

Working Load Limit:  11,300 lbs. 


SKU: FH406-38

Size:  3/8"

Working Load Limit:  6,600 lbs. 


SKU: FH406-516

Size:  5/16" 

Working Load Limit:  4,700 lbs.


SKU: FH406-14

Size:  1/4" 

Working Load Limit:  4,800 lbs.


Grade 70 3/8 inch Grab Hook | G70 5/16 inch | 1/2" inch Clevis Grab hooks| 1/4" inch Clevis Grab hooks - The heavy-duty Steel Hooks are made easy to use on utility trailers, flatbed trailers, trucks, etc. For Safety, These Rigging Chain Hooks are not for overhead lifting or exceeding the work limit. Compatible/Similar items such as Ratcheting Binders and Load/Lever Binders can be shown in the Product Description!

RELIABLE & HEAVY DUTY: 1/2" inch Clevis Hook | 3/8 inch |5/16 inch G70 Grab Hooks make your job easier and give you peace of mind when you know your cargo load is secured by Grade 70 clevis hooks with the higher working load limit than lower grade hooks. These are prevalent transport chain end fittings also known as non-cradle grab hooks; that meet U.S. Federal standards for toughness and durability

COMPLAINT & SECURE: Fits with various applications. Working Load Limit of 6600 LBS Grade of the hooks and are stamped on the hooks for easy inspection. The 4: 1 safety factor (Breaking Strength: Working Load Limit) meets or exceeds DOT / CSVA specification. Tie 4 Safe - EXPERIENCED MANUFACTURER / SELLER in CALIFORNIA- Quality you can trust. Durable, Reliable & Heavy Duty- The perfect solution for your transportation needs.

BEST SERVICE: We stand behind the quality of our products with a 100% return policy due to manufacturer defects. We would be glad to satisfy your needs. We are guaranteed with a quick processing time of 1 business day. Safe & Secure shipping with FBA or USPS/ FEDEX/UPS. QUALITY COMPONENT: Correct metal for the right component, all our raw materials have been tested with correct hardness and tensile strength. Followed by the professional-grade heat treatment process to make sure all the hardware meets its required strength. The coating process gives the product a nice finish with weather resistance.

**Working Load Limit is 1/3 of Breaking Strength**