Rubber Straps + 2 Hooks.

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Rubber Straps + 2 Hooks.

SKU: RS01-10

Strap Length: 10"

Length W/S Hooks: 13"

Span Range: 15"-20" 


SKU: RS01-15

Strap Length: 15"

Length W/S Hooks: 19"

Span Range: 20"-30" 


SKU: RS01-21

Strap Length: 21"

Length W/S Hooks: 25"

Span Range: 30"-40" 


SKU: RS01-31

Strap Length: 31"

Length W/S Hooks: 35"

Span Range: 40"-55" 


SKU: RS01-41

Strap Length: 41"

Length W/S Hooks: 45"

Span Range: 50"-70" 

  • Introducing our must-have accessory for every trucker out there - the Rubber Straps + 2 Hooks! Engineered to provide ultimate security and versatility, these tie 4 safe rubber straps are designed to revolutionize the way you secure your cargo. Crafted with durability in mind, our Rubber Straps + 2 Hooks are built to withstand the toughest conditions on the road. Made from premium-grade rubber material, these straps offer exceptional strength and flexibility, ensuring a secure and reliable hold for your cargo during transit. Featuring a sleek and professional black design, these straps are not only functional but also visually appealing. The two hooks on each side provide an additional layer of stability, allowing for easy attachment and detachment to various anchor points on your truck.


  • Whether you're transporting heavy equipment, furniture, or any other bulky items, our Rubber Straps + 2 Hooks are your go-to solution for safe and efficient cargo management. Say goodbye to unreliable and easily damaged straps, and embrace the reliability and peace of mind provided by our top-notch product. Not only are these straps perfect for professional truckers, but they are also ideal for DIY enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers.