4" x 12" Corner Plastic Protector

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SKU: A1190-412-O

Color: Orange

Size: 4"x 12"

  • CARGO EDGES & STRAPS PROTECTION: The Tie 4 Safe Protects straps from sharp edges, use 4" straps." The Corner Automotive Corner Guards Protector protects freight corner edges from tie-down force. This reduces the strain and pressure from straps and keeps cargo from crushing. The White Plastic Cargo Load Corner Edge Protectors for Utility Trailer, Cushion Guard Bumper for Flatbed Trailer Tie-Down Logistic Ratchet and Cam Straps, Tie-down Corner Protector is a Must Have!
  • RELIABLE HAULING TECHNOLOGY: These Protective Plastic Automotive trailer and Truck cargo edge covers have three circles that act as an insertion for tie-down ropes. This makes your cargo and freight hauling simple by holding all kinds of loads in place. Our Tie 4 Safe corner guards work as a support to reduce cargo pressure, prevent damage to the webbing on your strap, and shake the cargo loose.
  • The Cargo Load Corner Edge Protectors for Utility Trailer Accommodates webbing widths up to 4" and are also lightweight for easy handling. Professionals can use a wide range of smaller straps through each heavy-duty plastic Cargo tie-down strap protector; making the Ratchet Straps and/or ropes stay tighter and stagnant when using The Tie 4 Safe plastic guard corners and preventing unwanted movement.
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