Latches Bracket Set for Utility Trailer, Stake Body Gates, Sheds, Wood, Trucks, & Trailers

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Straight Side Latch Set

SKU: A10730


Corner Security Latch Set

SKU: A10731

Color: Silver (Straight Side Latch)

Brand: Tie 4 Safe

Material: Metal

Exterior Finish: Alloy Steel Item

Dimensions LxWxH: 6 x 5 x 1 inch

Style: Modern 

Vehicle Service Type: Truck

DETAIL: Tie 4 safe Security Latch Locks Can be installed for right- or left-hand operation and can be used for stake bodies, trailers, gates, and outdoor shed/shack tool shed as well.

USE ON NUMEROUS APPLICATIONS: The Tie 4 Safe Trailer Latches are basic latches for surface fastening and can be used on stake bodies, trailers, gates, and numerous other Applications. These Security LAtches can be installed for either right or Left-hand Operations.

COMMON USES: These Latches can be used on Stake Bodies, Trailers, Gates, Fences, During Automotive Operations, Gardening & Outdoor recreational uses, and much more. Stake body Hardware parts can be welded or Bolted and we offer many other trailer accessories

QUALITY COMPONENT: Correct metal for the right component, all our raw materials have been tested with correct hardness and tensile strength. Followed by the professional-grade heat treatment process to make sure all the hardware meets its required strength. The galvanized/zinc/paint coating process gives the product a nice finish with weather resistance. Hardware color may vary. Galvanized, Zinc, or Painted.

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