USA 2" Tie Down Ratchet Replacement Short Fixed End Strap With Flat Hook

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USA 2" Tie Down Ratchet Replacement Short Fixed End Strap With Flat Hook
SKU: RT04CK-501S-MH11
  • TIE-DOWN RATCHET SHORT-END STRAPS - with End Fittings These Tie-Down Short End Straps are one of the most go-to Tie-Down components as They Secure Perfectly on a Flatbed Trailer with the length varying from 12”~14”. These Tie-Down Straps Secure perfectly on Tow Trucks, utility trailers, flatbed trailers, and trucks, and are compatible with Tie-Down Items such as Motorcycles, Sand Rails, Canoes and Kayaks, and many other types of power sport vehicles.
  • TIE-DOWN STRAPS WITH HOOK END FITTINGS - These Extremely Heavy-Duty Tie-Down Straps are crafted with Industrial Grade Webbing using High tensile polyester tie-down webbing of 16200 LBS webbing. Its Special and reinforced weaving patterns make our tie-down assemblies last longer than competitors. The added coating on the webbing- ensures that webbing is durable for everyday use.
  • STURDY + STRONG + SECURE - These Tie Down Straps with Ratchet Buckles Fit with various applications. These Working Load Limit of 3333 LBS Cargo Tie Down Hauling straps are the best-secured trailer and trucking accessories that put safety and priority first. It is stamped on the warning label tag and stenciled throughout the assemblies for easy inspection. ✔✔SOME STRAPS MAY COME WITH OR WITHOUT STENCIL✔✔. ✔✔SOME HARDWARE MIGHT COME WITH A DIFFERENT COLOR✔✔.
  • QUALITY COMPONENT- Correct metal for the right component, all our raw materials have been tested with correct hardness and tensile strength. Followed by the professional-grade heat treatment process to make sure all the hardware meets its required strength. The galvanized/zinc/paint coating process gives the product a nice finish with weather resistance. Hardware color may vary. Galvanized, Zinc, or Painted.
  •  SAFE AND SECURED SHIPPING FROM CALIFORNIA - We have over 25 years of experience as the leading manufacturer in the industry, a USA-based manufacturer, and a seller in California. With hundreds of products to choose from at high-quality and competitive prices. All our products meet or exceed all CVSA and DOT specifications. With a 100% return policy, fast Safe & Secure shipping with USPS/FEDEX/UPS.